What IS Shower Belt?

  • Shower Belt uses gravity and body weight to stop the flow of water in an emergency.
  •  Should you fall, our patented lanyard system gives you the time to recover safely without the danger of water. 

What People Are Saying

I live alone with my 4 year old daughter. If I have a seizure while showering my daughter could lose me. I will never take a shower again without Shower Belt. Given the alternative there is none!


25 Years

I have almost drown 6 times in the shower and each time a family member saved me! My family is constantly worried. Having Shower Belt as part of my daily routine has everyone feeling relieved. I really wish Shower Belt was available back when this all started.


26 Years

Liam is becoming a young man and we wanted him to have his own independence. He is enjoying taking showers on his own. We still listen to see how he is doing but feel safe allowing him his privacy and enjoy this new time for ourselves. Shower Belt makes us all feel better!

Liam's Mom Kim

12 years

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